The Great Law of Chaos

I’ve decided to try my hand at mystical rhyme:

Red sky in morning, sufi take warning.
Blue sky at night; yogi take flight.
Green sun dawn, swami’s gone wrong.
Pink moon at dusk, who can you trust.?

That which is Caesar’s meets that which is god’s…film at eleven.



There was once a hermit who somehow had gained the reputation of being wise and enlightened.  One day a messenger came to him with an invitation for the recluse to be a featured guest at a well known annual gathering of religious leaders, yogi’s, gurus, and famous swami’s.  The old man told the messenger, “Tell ‘em all to go to hell.  If I wanted to associate with trash and maggots I’d go sit in a room by myself.”



I know that oftimes my speech seems vague and obtuse, but let me mention to you one specific absolute:  The Great Law Of Chaos, the rule of random certainty.



It matters not what a sincere man may temporarily believe, say, or teach as the truth, so long as his extraordinary Aim remains firm and constant.



A subjective man wants to see what he wants to see while an objective man wants to see what is to be seen.



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