An Experiment with the Voices

I have an experiment that can afford quite revealing and brand new information.  Start saying aloud a string of given names while trying to say simultaneously in your head a different name.  For instance, you could begin by saying aloud, “My name is Al” while at the exact same instant say in your head another name like “Mike”, and as soon as you’ve done one name, quickly move on to saying another one aloud, while trying to simultaneously say in your head that you are a different name.

Watch and decide: 

Is the inner voice faster than your speaking voice?  Can they actually work independently at the same time?  Do they have distinct, separate abilities, if so, in what observable way?  Moreover, using my present model and the above experiment, answer this:  What then is the state of “sleep”?

After pondering that, I ask again, might the physiological reality to the concepts of “being awake or enlightened,” be an uncommon situation in the brain wherein, (as opposed to routine), the awareness part of the brain, (vis-a-vis the voice), has for the moment become so strong that it either overrides or at least ignores the voice?

Could it be that all extraordinary “mystical states of consciousness” are a set of neural circumstances in which the awareness of the brain becomes so dominant as to constructively constitute the totality of consciousness, for the moment, with there being no neural stimuli present in consciousness of which to be conscious?   An inner peace and quiet, and certainty entirely unknown in ordinary states of nervous system consciousness.

As concerns the “Experience-of-Enlightenment”:  

There are those who have had the “experience,” and then there are those who “know what the experience is.”  Those who have had the experience and then undertook the study thereof, having the experience and knowing-what-it-is are two different things. 

And now, what should be the “Final Word” regarding the mind: 
There is no “Final Word” regarding the mind – a fact forever beyond the mind’s comprehension.


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