The Method of Continual Talking

Examining my model of “self-remembering,” or to be constantly “mindful”; from such a perspective, a person desiring to alter the arrangement of things in the conscious operations of the brain could then, not improperly, look upon the voice, the talking part of the brain, as being the prime manifestation of all that they want to change about the world taking place in their head.



Simply put:  the “voice” is the “enemy” so the aim must be to “shut it up.”  And remember what we’ve already established here:  if you talk aloud, the inner voice stops, or else demonstratively is so subdued as to be made constructively silent. 



So why not use an approach to the “further awakening of consciousness” such as “The Method Of Continual Talking”?  A path to enlightenment requiring only incessant talking, so as to keep your awareness off the inner voice.  Would this not be the simplest, if not surely the most popular approach to enlightenment ever devised?! 



From this view, living a life of silence in a monastery would be the worst thing to do.  Instead, go into town and talk up a storm!


This, parenthetically, brings around again the question: 
Is a man “asleep” if he doesn’t know that he’s asleep? 
Also, by the way, a question that only a man asleep can answer to his own satisfaction. 


Just for the fun of it, really ponder that:  a question about the mechanical nature of man to which only a man totally mechanical can adequately response.  (What further hint is needed?)



Within this present, verbally limited potential, ask yourself this:

Which works faster, the voice,
(the talking part of the brain),
or the awareness of the voice,
(you, the apparent listener to the voice)?


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