At the Bus Stop

I guess while you’re waiting on a bus, (or something), you could look at it like there are two kinds of things you might do:  you can mentally deconstruct life as it is, or construct a new one for yourself.



Oh, here comes Number 7, that’s yours, isn’t it?  Now be sure and don’t try to board again with an attempt under your arm.  Well, bye, and be sure and don’t let me see you back at this same old corner again next week. 



“Say, driver, who was that semi-masked faux passenger back at that last stop with the carpenter’s tools in a gossamer bag?”  (Somebody in the rear of the bus began to softly sing:  “Gossamer – gossamer mucho,” until all the regular riders booed him down.  Screw regular riders.)



And here’s the line-up for today’s Definitions Game:

Consciousness:  Blunt and point-blank.
Mere Thinking:  Vague and in-specific.

Consciousness:  Complex, free and forever fresh.
Mere Thinking:  Simple, inhibited and quickly boring.

Consciousness:  Young, vigorous and delightful – everything you always wanted in a lover, while just ordinary thinking remains that tired, dried up old prune of an uncle or aunt, that everyone has stashed away up their attic.



Okay, blow the whistle and let the fun begin, and may the better team win!  “Hey, Bruno, put me down for ten bucks on that first bunch.  Hey, Bruno, better yet, let me be that first bunch.”



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