Thinking the Same Things

One Man’s Present View: 
“Only the weak laugh,
And the weaker still, cry,
What’s that sound I hear!?
What’s that moisture in my eye!?”



He says that once he’s saved up twelve more coupons, and six hundred more box tops and wrappers, he’ll be able to become a greeting card poet for The First Church of Meteorological and Economic Science.  After the pray and healing services were concluded, one participant exclaimed:  “I’m so happy I could cry, and so sad I could just cackle!”



All distinguished, historic city institutions spell “excommunication” using only those letters extant in the word, “rectum.”  “Hmmm,” said a chap who had recently deserted the city, “no wonder I felt so strange as I left.”



One father’s advice to his son:  “If you’re not quite sure who you are – use your initials.”



If you think the same things over and over again, too many times, they’ll become ritualistic, and first thing you know, you’ll be a cult – and then where will you be!?  See, the safest thing is just not to ever start thinking of the same things in the first place.



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