No Time for Rests

Everything contemporary men do is a partial hold-over of something older.



Facts, back to back, turned Jill to Jack and made her say: 
“Why can’t we be more like Up and Down, Adam and Eve, Hot and Cold, or even,
This and That?” 
“But ah-h-h,”  replied Jack.  “But ah-h-h, we are!  We are exactly like them!” 
And Jill became so immediately agitated that she tumbled into an entirely new story…taking…
(I might add)…all of the above mentioned along with her.



Okay, Some “More Help” For Those Who Expect To One Day Become Deceased:

If they know just how to do it – when they die – three-dimensions can go straight into six and skip the rest.  “But ah-h-h, you good musical contestants you, we didn’t fool you that time either!  You knew that in a serious viola score there is no time for rests.”



As he began writing his “Full Explanation of Life,” this one man inquired of it, “Will I be getting paid by the word?”  To which Life replied, “If you live past the letter ‘I,’ you might.”



One guy stopped and thought, “At least I’m way-y-y past the point that anyone has to convince me that this is what I should be doing.”  He then picked up a cup of coffee, or did something to distract himself, while he thought about it again…one more time.



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