How Numbers Affect Man

How You Could Look At It (When Life’s Not Looking):

It’s better to, “Have a Plan” than not to have a plan, but butterball – there’s something even better than that!



Note To the Independently Wealthy:
Just because something doesn’t make sense to the common folks, doesn’t mean it’s of no value.



How Numbers Affect The Life Of Man:

One guy looked at the forces that run the external world and said, “Screw there being two,” then looked at the same conditions as reflected in his mind, and added, “What a bummer, I’m not a one-er.”  (Above the standard brain chemistry level is a state of awareness wherein the usual numbers do not apply.)



Science:  The ordinary’s attempt to understand numbers.
Religion:  Their attempt to ignore them.
This Kinda Stuff:  An education in learning to distinguish between printed train schedules and the smell of smoke as it drifts off into the sixth dimension, where lightning does not strike the goo field with the same regularity that it does here.

(Those now able to sometimes see with the aid of verbal glasses know, of course, that “regularity” and “intensity” are interchangeable.)



After having a personal taste of the experience, one man said, “Now that I know what it is, why does everyone always refer to it in religious terms?”  And the reply, “What would you call it?”



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