Don’t Scoff At Another’s Hobby

The interests, intrigues and pastimes of civilization are to keep an ordinary, post-survival man distracted to a degree sufficient to keep him ordinary and accepting of his station.  That is, you shouldn’t scoff at another man’s hobby, in that, everyone’s mother gives them toys proper to their entertainment.  (But also, thus it is that a man of more independent pursuits can privately laugh at everything, once he gets past, “rolling in the aisles” over his own sweet serious self.)



A Family Portrait – In Words:

One son said:  “Think fast – talk fast.”
And another son said:  “Own a Mercury – drive fast.”
And a daughter said:  “Big Nose – Big Gear Shift.”
And the father said:  “Where did I go wrong!?”



For people guided along by hormones, family matters are best kept under the bed – as is also oftimes the case with certain family members.  (WARNING:  Family members are everywhere.)



One man’s mind said:  “I won’t bring it up if you won’t.”

And the man replied: “What?”

And his mind said:  “Good, that’s the way.”



Safari Tip:

When the serious don’t want to appear quite so dumb, they’ll smile.
When the dumb don’t want to appear quite so serious, they’ll smile.

Good!  That’s the way!



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