Overview Update

L.B.B.A.H.:  Let’s Be Blunt Around Here:

A man with a past has no future…around here.



L.H.S.M.D.A.H.:  Let’s Have Some More Definitions Around Here:

Religion, race, nationality and other serious, important components of civilization; one-and-all, activities to keep men from realizing just how silly, and unimportant is civilization.



T.P.E.A.T.F.T.T.B.:  That’s Probably Enough About This, For The Time Being.



Overview – BIG-G-G Overview Update:

In the effort to separate one’s consciousness from mere thinking, how can a man mistakenly take what is not himself, for himself?  Don’t simply say that “he can’t” – for the world is full of those who say that indeed he can, and often does.  (Would everyone whose name begins with a letter like to tell me what’s going on here!?!)



The mayor’s family coat of arms carried this inscription:  “Though We Stand Up Straight, We Think On A Slant.”  A man, with nothing in particular going on inside his head, will oftimes experience, “feet sweat.”



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