Soreheads in the Sheets

Recently one man pondered thusly:

“Every living thing has an intake opening, and a discharge orifice.  But in seeing our universe as a ‘Closed System’ – where are such things?”

One guy told his brother, “Thinking makes me dizzy!”  And his brother said, “Yeah, but not half as much as if you didn’t!”  And his brother said, “Are you positive?”

Everything has a name, except new mental experience, so men give it old ones.  “Thanks a lot, men,” says one guy.  “Thanks for so long helping keep me lost!  Yeah!  Right!  Thanks bunches, men…you and your damned old words!”  (Drivers are warned to watch out for soreheads in the road.)

Mythological Progress – Debunked:

While everyone else was having spiritual, intellectual and poetic experiences, this one guy was having spiritual, intellectual and pelvic ones…(and to his own personal advantage, says he).

Progress is as progress does, except when in jammies, with their own built-in feet.
Seven people, ready for bed, linked their arms and loudly said, “We don’t get it!”

(You might also watch out for soreheads in the sheets!)


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