The Future is Coming

A Viewer writes:

“God, it’s great to hear you talk about doing this kinda thing.  Helps keep me from thinking about how little effort I actually make in this regard.”  (WARNING:  Viewers are everywhere.)

One man had a bad disease.

The Garden of Eden, The Idea of The Womb, Dreams of Past Glories, are all reflected fears of man’s post-survival existence.

You can wait and dread a storm, or fly into the face of it, but the future is coming no matter where you stand.  Under ordinary atmospheric conditions, it is extremely difficult for the chemistry of the brain to ever rise high enough to see over the horizon of its owner’s sense of present.

Being tied to time is to be lashed to your own mechanical level of consciousness.  Being bound to your own native state of consciousness is to be forever a victim and captive of time – a task master who is no friend of any, (shall we say), “unusual mental activities”!   “Be safe,” declares the city.  “Stay home neighbors, and be-e-e safe!”


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