The Business of Life

The main business of civilization is business…which is what makes it so boring.



Some Recently Un-Nerved – I Mean Un-Earthed – “History of Rituals”:

One man told Life, “I want my own personal logo.” 
So Life kicked him in the ganzarbos and said:  “Okay, see those little squiggly lines darting around on your eyeballs – USE THEM!”



Program Reminder For All Of You Armchair Squashes:

If Life ever wants you to “Be Religious,” it’ll let you know personally!
Further Note:
If it ever does attempt to so contact you – LEAVE TOWN!



One man dreamed of a place where it was unnaturally still, and from where you could see everything.



A Survey Concerning Mortal Sustenance Based On Definitions:

Family:  Those with whom you’ll share your food.
Friends:  Those who will share theirs with you.
Life:  Well…why go into that now and spoil your appetite?



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