The Late Arriver

Religious philosophy distilled to digest form:  We’re all born pea brains, then we slip. 
And a fellow scrunched up his forehead:  “But if I quit thinking about what everybody else thinks about, what’ll I have to think about?”





The collective intelligence of man:  Just something else to worry about.




Transcendental quiz time:

Question:  Why, historically, have those who seem to have understanding, eventually said that, “Living for others is the proper course.”

Answer:  Because everyone still needs to have reached some extraordinary level as a hobby.




Yes, true, the mind has a thousand eyes,
to see a thousand sights,
but, life’s already seen ‘em all before.




The mind is the end of one of man’s nervous system, man is the end of one of life’s.

Color man: “The late arriver.”




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