The Juice that Runs Life

A mother told her daughter, “Being dumb is its own reward – if you’re stupid to begin with.”




The fact: No talk – no evil.

“Too simple – I don’t believe it!” …(facts are like that, you know).




The way the routinely civilized keep from going crazy is by believing that they must first worry about, and then straighten-out, civilization before ever giving such attention to themselves.
(As long as I’m my brother’s keeper, then self-upkeep remains the cheaper.  Or this reprise: 
Bullets to the brain eases paper cut’s pains.)




The juice that runs life – runs man.  But men take it personally.  (Of course they are supposed to,  but…still!)




Another curio from the files of the city:
Many of those in constant sorrow love to sing about being in, “constant sorrow.”


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