More Conscious Than You Think

One fine morning, one man looked directly at the sun, by way of his bathroom mirror, and sang out, “I can eat,      I can sleep, I can screw and run – what more should I ask of ‘being alive’?”  And the skies replied, “Why, nothing my boy, nothing else at all.”




Even on the last day of the week, there are birds who, when frightened by the sound of cats, still turn temporarily religious.




One man’s civil-educated, “mind-body connection” said to him, “Don’t waste your time looking, there’s no such thing as a ‘rectal mirror.’”  And the all-star, all-city chorus raised high their joyful voices, “Aren’t we glad!  Indeed, we are glad!”





There is no consciousness but “independent consciousness,” all else is simply, “mind consciousness.”




Now time for a short break while we bring you this important announcement:

Everyone’s more conscious than they think.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled News.


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