Wave When You Go By

As everyone headed for the Garden gate, Coach Life said to them, “Don’t bother to ‘suit-up’ if you’re not going to play – but, hey, everybody’s going to play!”



The News of The Day – Every Day:

Men with something stupid to say will say something stupid.



Philosophy of the Day – Wave When You Go By:

Carousels do not inquire into the I.Q. of the fuel that powers them.



Notice:  (The following is not a joke – unless, “blah-blah, blah-blah”):

A man rushed into a psychiatrist’s office and said, “You’ve got to help me – I’m a three-toed sloth!”  And the doctor replied, “You’re not a sloth.”  And the man screamed, “Then it’s worse than I thought – I’m not even myself!”



Note: You may now return to your “rational” channel.



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