The Early Warning System

Reports From the Wide World of Bumper Stickers:

“Minds Don’t Make Men Upset – Something Else Does!”

(And your Department of “We’re Glad We Could Clear That Up For You,” thanks you for your kind attention.)



Off The Record Query:

Just what sort of opponent is it anyway, that would make available to you ordinances that could prove its own downfall?  “Can you spell, ‘Life’ little buddy!?”



Those who taste and understand the reality of religion, tend not to be.  (The latest line gives the odds of ordinary people comprehending This at a thousand-to-one.)



A Definition from City Level:

The Mind:  Man’s “early warning system” in the face of there being no threat.




One chap’s present declaration, “I don’t care how old it may be – a cliché is still a cliché!”



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