The Something-Else-Mind

One man, who tried to think, was asked, “What do you think about…?”  And he replied, “Life.”  And was then asked, “And what do you think about Life?”  And he replied, “That it’s alive.”



As regards the matter of there being a consciousness, possible, that is other than just intellectual activity; we could say that there is the “mind-mind” and then the “something-else-mind.”



How Things Are, and How Certain Things Are, in Such A Way That The Ordinary Never See How They Are: 

Myths are maps,
but myths and maps won’t a
take you anywhere.

Myths aren’t practical,
but if they’re not practical,
they’re not myths.



Whenever he had something of general importance to say to his overall mental awareness, this one man would oftimes begin by saying, “Good evening, Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, Tumors and Goiters…”



War News from The Intellectual Front:

A man who’s angry is wounded, and one who’s mad about being angry is damn-near dog food.



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