Professional Mind Wrestling

Yes it’s true!  The World of Professional Mind Wresting is rigged – for I can tell you in advance, that ultimately, this reality’s Tag Team Championship will be held by the duo of “Either-Or.”



The Story of One Man:

So long as he lived at home,
he wasn’t seeing rats,
he was seeing roaches.



A viewer says:

“I enjoy your allegories and parables more when you take the time to explain them and make them plain.  In fact, that’s the only time I enjoy them.  What gives with me you reckon?”

(I reckon you’re average and about par-for-the-course.)



A man with his “pecker-in-his-pocket,” has your survival in his hands, and your future in his pants.  Life is such a man.



The split’s sort of like this:  there is the mental, verbal consciousness, then the silent, unfiltered variety.



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