Crude or Candid?

The crude often like to be thought of as “candid,” but so too do some alligators want to be taken as fashionable leather accessories.



The inspiring credo of one swampy school was:

“The Human Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Wear Around Your Waist,
Or Carry In Your Back Pocket.”



Upon reaching, again, the familiar end of his daily rope of exasperation, a man exclaimed to his all-too-routine consciousness, “And to think of the many years I have called you my friend.”  To which, in candor it replied, “Then to reflect on the many years you’ve been your own fool.”



One of life’s more impressive, “psychological displays and gambits,” is in having one man tell what kind of man some other is, when the first man doesn’t know what kind of man he is…or is that one of life’s richer jokes!?



As the king lay dyin’ and bitchin’, his former Mental Advisor showed up drunk, came up to the bed, grabbed his Grace by the jammie lapels and said, “Hey, dig it, life doesn’t give any refunds – cause you didn’t pay to get in to begin with!”



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