The One Fear

An uncommon thinker thought, “The purity of the situation becomes even more obvious as I realize that if man did not continually bleed, he would not increase in strength.”



There is only one fear significant to post –survival consciousness – and it is not the “fear of failure,” but the fear that one might, or could ever, abandon the effort.



Man is this solar system’s sole creature who needs a mind to help lead him from his internal wilderness, from his captivity.  (As to which of his operations has caused him to believe he is in such a condition – we won’t go into at this time.)



Tip Number Twelve:  How To Be A Mystic At Home – Alone:

Rub yourself in butter, wrap a towel around you head, and bake at 400 degrees until done.



Truisms Tuned Up and Rehabilitated:

Those who can’t cough up history are doomed to repeat it.

(“Daddy is this anywhere close to what men think they mean about karma?”
“Why, son, what a perfectly ridiculous question!”
“Oh, thank you Daddy dear.”)



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