Questions! Questions!

One day a man said to that private hunger within him, “For thirty years the search has been of much joy, but now I ask you, when will I succeed and reach the destination?!?!”

Questions!  Questions!
Questions!  Questions!
Questions!  Questions!
Questions!  Questions!

(To speak of certain desires is to soil and wrench them.)

A man with no mind,
Has no sense of time;
And a state beyond that,
Has similar conditions…
similar, but not quite.

(“Yes, Marty, I’d give it an ’80, cause you sure can dance to it, and you sure as hell don’t wanna think about it!”)



How Life Has Stacked Your Deck and Dealt Your Hand, If You’re Human:

If we “are what we are” physically, then mentally we “are that which believes it should be otherwise.”



“It is becoming inescapably clearer,” reflected one man, “that if locomotives did not believe that they could fly – they couldn’t.”



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