“Incorrect” is Incorrect

Pondered one man to himself, “Is it harder to be civilized when you are frightened?”  And perhaps someplace else, another man thought, “Ah, so that in part be the purpose of law and custom, and of the collective’s turning of allegories into ritualistic amulets.”

If pure information is truly “the” product desired, then why cannot it not be presented, in an impassionate, dull, and dead-pan manner!?

Only city intellectuals of a still-simplistic bent, believe knowledge to be a discrete, stand-alone entity.

The universe itself is not large enough for a real mind!  Okay, truth, the size of the universe would be just about right for a first-class mind – I mean, consciousness.

Query:  Why would not a man with the opportunity to do so, correct and edit himself?

One Possible Lunar Answer:  Because if he was conscious and knew what he was saying in the first place, the whole idea of being “incorrect” is an incorrect one.


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