The Leaky Lifeboat

Now an entry christened “Query Cubed”:

What’s worse than a sailor, who finds himself in a leaking lifeboat?
One who doesn’t realize he was born therein – mentally!




And now, (if I may be permitted to question you, “off the books”), ask yourself:

“How can any living human being – with a running mind – believe that some ideas can actually be unrelated to other certain ideas?  How can they look at the normal operations of their own mind and think such a thing!?”  And oh, a reminder, Harold Cheapskate, that broker in “Ideas-Gone-Public” is still looking for investors.




A teacher told the class, “Your mind was born like a clean slate.”  And a kid in the rear, rubbed his nose and thought, “She must be speaking in an alien tongue.”




Wouldest thou seeketh lessons in the law from a thief?
Wouldest thou solicit healing advice from the terminally ill?
Art thou alive and human, then yes, you bet ‘chu would!

Hey, wait a minute – I can’t believe this – you mean you believed otherwise?
Jeeze, what do you people think the mind is all about anyway!?




More of The Substance Behind The Words Revealed for Your Edification and Late Night Driving Safety:  Reality is never, “ironic” – just its observers, “dense.”


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