Who’s Who?

A certain man said, “Words make me sick, but not near as much as thinking about them!”

Some certain words said, “Men make us sick, but that’s another story.”




In the attempt to stay stable, in control, and to offer their owner some semblance of sanity, minds tell me that particulars of “what they think” is important!  And, in a way, I guess it is…sort of.




And So – When It Gets Down To It, The “Truth” Needs No Sobriquet:

Although not mentioned in “Who’s Who,” one man says he is now listed in, “What’s This!?”




Select One Of The Following:

1.       A mind’s gotta do something.

2.      A mind’s gotta do what a mind’s gotta do.

3.      A mind’s gotta do what a mind’s gotta do, and also tell you what it’s gotta tell you about what it’s gotta do.

 Contestant’s Secret Tip:

Only a chump will pick one of the above, and believe he actually “picked” one.
(And an audience member asks, “Well, if it’s so secret, then why’d you tell us about it?”)
Hey dig it – did it do you any good!?  And that answers that!




One man’s latest theory:

“Famous people are miserable people – that’s why they’re famous!”


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