Being Civilized

What is one of the grander definitions of being civilized?  Okay, I’ll tell you; it’s treating man as though he is other than he is.




Proper names – Improper people:

What is the difference between
a bullet and a label, between
a crutch and a self-reference?

How can an eagle fly – because
it doesn’t know what its name is.

Proper names – Impaired people.




One guy tries to explain:

“It’s not my fault!  Life makes me take things seriously!”




There is no consciousness but “independent consciousness.”  All else is simply the mental variety, and of no particular significance, regarding certain matters…




A man thought, “I guess, just for my own mental satisfaction and well being, I should, once and for all, decide which is the dumbest: politics, religion, education, or me?!” A “contest-with-no-prizes” generally goes by the name of “man’s-collective-curiosity.”



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