If Consciousness Could Scoff

“The magic has gone out of our relationship,” said one man to his mind. 

And it replied, “You mean you’ve been calling this a ‘relationship’!?”

If consciousness could scoff – then all scoffers would be conscious – I guess.



A lad asked his dad, “Do the gods not have cars just so they won’t run the risk of ever having bumpers?”  Out of the mouths of babes oftimes come words that make tongues and lips say, “Hey-y-y…you’re older than you look!”


And So, An Out-Doorsy Way of Thinking About It:

In This, it’s like your present mind becomes a duck blind – to pave the way for the introduction of newly invented flying fowl who neither exist, nor not exist; and like a mythical God of Albatrosses, never lights, nor rests.


In an apparent, exasperated huff, one man’s mind turned on him and cried:

“Well, just what the hell is it that you want from me!?”

(And in conclusion, might I add, “Quack, quack!”)



The next item is captioned: “I.C. Squared:  Imaginary Conversation With A Two Stuck On It, Up At The End”: 

“Hey, if it weren’t for civilization, we wouldn’t have anything to worry about.”
“Hey, yourself, if it weren’t for civilization we couldn’t worry.”



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