“Just being alive is enough to make a lot of people wish they were dead.”

“Hey, why did you make me repeat that one?  Weren’t you here last week when we had it the first time?” 

“Well…yes I was, actually, but I was also partially deceased at the time.”

(And now, prodded by the natural curiosity of people along this line, we present a glimpse of the “behind-the-scenes-workings” of activity such as this:  There is none.)




A man’s super-consciousness one day attempted to whisper to him this:  “There is a name for every place, except where we want to go, and there are words for all human efforts, except the ones required to get us there.”  And since the man was afraid that his mind might be listening in on the conversation, to throw it off the track, he sarcastically replied to consciousness, “Hey, thanks heaps for the encouragement!”  And soon, the reassuring snoring, endemic to minds-ablaze and adrift, blanketed the once again, peaceful and fitful kingdom known as “man.”




Every few minutes, one man would say to his mind:

“Where have you been?”




If words are the shadows-of-reality, then what are the figures standing ‘twixt metaphors and the sun!?




Re-Vamped And Re-Submitted:

How can something that “represents” something else have within its own self, “symbolism”!?

The Number One Answer Is Simple:

It has four letters, and twenty-five perfect synonyms, beginning with each of the other letters in the alphabet.



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