When All Becomes Metaphor

The human inclination is to tell people about the neat vacation spot you traveled to, but the too-human danger is that you’ll try to show them snap-shots of the place which are not in your possession.



Regarding A Thinker’s Aesthetics:

It is only the “new” that is the “joy forever.” (A man thought, “If I could locate the center of the storm, perhaps I could stabilize it.”  Perhaps.)



You do realize that everyone may have it backwards, and it could be that myths invented men!



How “Travel-Smarts” Operate On The “Not-Quite-Possible-Yet Level”:

A man who already, “has-it-in-him,” can direct himself – in fact, only he can.



When all becomes metaphor,
even the grandest plans run awry.



All philosophy is bullshit, and all bullshit, somebody’s philosophy.




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