To Be More Human

We can play with our sex,
We can play with our food,
We can play with our mind,
Will it do any good?

The preceding verse was brought to you by the, You, Me, and Why, Semi-Charitable Trust.
(By unconscious accident, I might add.)



And Now A Little Quiz For The Kiddies – With Prizes Appropriate Thereto:

“What’s a bigger waste of time than being civilized? – Talking about it!”

(Any of you adults who want to play along may, for the term, “being civilized,” use instead either the words, “art” or “being alive.”)



No one’s map perfectly matches reality.



Inside of every solar system is a place where all of their local words are produced; and inside this area are always a few people, sort of genetic side effects of the overall effort.  And a man mused, “Is trying to be more human a form of science fiction, or vice versa?”  Yes, you can call it anything you want to, but that’s still what it is: “Attempting To Be More Human.”



One man wanted to go to a certain place, but since he couldn’t seem to get there, he just thought about it a lot and that seemed to keep him from worrying about it too much.  Now that, info-lovers, is being human,  not more human.



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