Theories Were the First Form of Space Travel

How The Singular, Non Physical Side Of Mortals Expands:

“What can you say about man once you’ve said everything that can be said?’
“Something else.”



After many, and I do mean “many” starts, stops, starts, hesitations, successes, failures, triumphs, then setbacks, one man summed it up in a rhyme:  “Conscious clarity’s, Life’s act of charity.”  And after having thought this for himself, he felt no better for it, nor any worse, either – for such is not the purpose of thinking for yourself.



And yet, on another planet was a certain man who each day set his watch to buzz at three o’clock to remind him when it was three o’clock.  Ring-g-g:  You can either think for yourself, or you can’t – and without such a background, an expansion of consciousness is foolish to discuss.



A Bonus Question from next year’s “Dry Waller’s and Appaller’s exam:

A two dimensional mind in a three dimensional world will never reach its full potential!?
The simple are disturbed by indigestion, the more complex by irony and uncertainty. 
Opossums and birch trees laugh in the face of the scientific method. 
Theories were the first form of space travel – minds, the original space.



Notice: Everybody’s in show business – everybody’s an impersonationist.



How You Need to Look At Even This “Point-Blank”:

The question is not whether the gamble will ever pay off or not, but rather, whether you’ll ever even find the right place to lay down your bet.  (“Sweetums, as long as you’re in the kitchen, would you go ahead and tell me if that was supposed to be good new or bad?”)



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