University of the Air

The idea of “arm chair travel,” came about when men discovered it was easier to get an arm chair, than it was to travel.  The mind can be a wonderful pet – as long as you keep it inside, or else make it stay out of doors.



If there is “one thing wrong with man” – nobody knows what it is!



You are fully civilized when you want to start playing,  “Hey, look at me! – for what appear to be non-sexual reasons.”



University of the Air:  Lesson Three In The Course:  “Look Over Here 102”:

One unique aspect of becoming a new being in consciousness, is that you cannot prove to anyone that you have accomplished it, or provide any evidence that it is profitable.  What more can you ask for you tuition dollar!?



The ordinary like to note that there are no infidels awaiting execution, but look over here, dear, there are no myths in an empty stomach.  Feed a cold, starve a fever; strip my mind – “I’m a believer!”



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