Ordinary Feelings

A distinctive sign of the depth to which one is civilized is how readily one treats individual aspects of civilization; as though they had a discrete, objective existence of their own.



Cats always get nervous if they hear birds singing a tune they’re not familiar with.  In a thinker’s world, fowl of a feather should stick together – if there’s a reason for it – and if no one notices.



Ordinary people
have only ordinary feelings,
about ordinary things –
at least that’s what they say.



A certain man stopped and thought, “With increasing clarity do I suspect the thrust of my special hunger and the efforts I make.  It is to become plain, calm and point-blank, even amidst the noisy, confused and unfocused conditions of normal mental life.”



The fundamental laws of reality have little to do with the local, physical laws of the universe, but just enough to dazzle and bamboozle the ole mind-er-roonie.



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