No Passion in Plagiarism

A mind’s mind sang, “I’m irritated when hungry – pissed when full.”
The correct title of the tune may be:  “We Are What Eats Us.”



The supreme in a dieter’s dream would be, of course, a food that was totally satisfying, but with no calories or nourishment whatsoever.  But wait – men have already accomplished this in their intellectual ingestion!



Except for entertainment, why should anyone listen to what anyone has to say!?   If we move from its moons directly to the planet Jupiter, we can then reasonably ask:  Why dogs sniff one another?  Why hands are automatically drawn to pastry counters?  And why cats always include an R.S.V.P. in their communiques with robins?  Some men hide behind fear, some behind bravado, others cover themselves in reputation, while a thinker starts out pulling allegory behind him in an attempt to erase his tracks, then ultimately struggles to strip himself bare, and be privately nude and rude in the woods alone.



Regarding the “Need-For-Fee; In Your New-Thinking-Deal”:

There is no passion in plagiarism.


Another man says that people with dumb names should stay home – also those with stupid ideas.



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