The “Think About It” Exam

He looked from the mirror, into his own thinking and said, “Best check the calendar – I believe I’m late for my shorts.”  And from the Vet Exam comes this question, “Where does the mind go when it calms down?”  Getting into a thoroughly uncomfortable position, to get the deed done, a dog mused, “Are thoughts but a metaphor for fleas!?



And now one from the “Think About It” Exam:

Everyone’s mind
can count to two,
some to one,
or even three;
but where is the one
that can count to none!?



Headlines:  “Not only do the crime statistics continue to climb, but also the public’s concern and outrage.”  When life talks – everyone listens – they just don’t know who they’re listening to.  “Honey, while you’re up, would you bring me back a glass of milk, and tell me if there is a difference between ‘life’ and ‘local reality’?”



One man says he doesn’t much understand things, but rather has a “take” on them; but he says not to worry, that it’s gotten him along in life just fine.   Those who consider themselves important never have any idea what the mind is all about, much less, consciousness.



Real Travelers Must Keep On Traveling On:

What’s once understood must be soon abandoned.
(See!  You don’t feel so important now!)



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