A Self-Referring System

A system that is self-referring cannot be open-ended:  same with a mind.

Part Two:  “Don’t you mean to say, same with a man!?”

(Oh, all right, if you want the juvenile version.)



When a few certain people understand more than men actually should, they will often pretend to understand less.  Then, when most other people actually understand less than they say they do, they’ll pretend they understand more.  (Note:  As far as you know the first group doesn’t really exist.)



Living life as though electives are required courses makes them so.  Believing man to be the wellhead of his thoughts keeps one confused and forever an undergraduate.



A certain man said to life:  “Couldn’t you give me a better hint than you have up ‘til now!?”
And life replied:  “Look up.”



Among porcupines, sarcasm is as good as sagacity. 

(Few bus drivers are killed by walking into the props of planes.)



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