The Obligation

A man looked at himself and said, “Who loves ya!?”

And his mind added:  “Babe!?”



Mentally disassembling the civilized-world-of-man is one thing, (and a most delightful thing it can be), but recognizing the origin of its construction, something else altogether.



And that same certain man – as his sight grew ever keener – tugged at life again:

“Couldn’t you now be even more direct in what you tell me!?”
And life replied:  “It could blind you.”



A man’s physical parts can always be satisfied; his stomach quits growling, his sex stops throbbing, his eyes no longer plead for sleep; but his mind contented – never!



A thinker only has one obligation to life – and it’s not to life, but to himself – the obligation to stay alert.



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