What’s For Dinner?

One day a man mused, “If I knew where my thoughts came from, I’d understand the nature of human existence.”  He further reflected, “And if I knew where my feelings came from, I’d know the source of my thoughts.”  He then asked, “What’s for dinner, and how is the weather outside?”



The Four Explanations:

The one proposed;

The response thereto,

And, “another one” – one that includes the first two,

And then a fourth one – “the enigmatic one” –
one in which you must actively participate for it to make any sense.



Men have presently come up with the idea of a physical food chain as a prelude for what’s to follow.



To describe man metaphorically or symbolically is to define him as earth-bound – earth bred, born and bound.



The ticking you hear,
The tocking you bear,
Is not in your ears, and,
Not beneath your hair.

The center of time
is the center of everything –
the center of everything,
that of time.



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