Dumb and Dumber

Even while the ordinary conceive of life, as a ship that is going to sink, they yet cannot imagine a sane man consulting with the seas.  There is an equation that holds the key, and those who do not realize themselves a factor therein, forever remain confused.  It is magic, but it is available to those who can hear, and those who can hear can eventually DO.

And as the secondary stood by, absolutely horrified, this was revealed:
There is no “question” of anything until there is the ability TO question.

There is no freedom in the primary world, and only illusionary freedom in the secondary…which, is okay, inasmuch as…(ellipses, over-and-out, and onward)!

A Revolutionist
 is a tricycle
with at least
four wheels.

“Q. and A. – Q. and A. – Q. and A.”:

What is dumber than being dumb?
Becoming a bit less so, and mentioning how you deserve all the credit.


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