Brain Sweat

Someone writes to The News:

“It takes SOME NERVE for you to talk about institutions and men’s personalities as being almost ‘non-existent,’ when this neural Revolutionist thing of yours has GOT to be the absolute height of an incorporeal activity.” 

And the reply, (no doubt):

Dear Reader: “Thank you so much for your most complimentary words.”

One mentally creative guy, just to himself, served up this “picture-definition and description”:

The Ultimate Secret:  A blank, beige wall, right in front of your eyes, dripping with blood and joys.

Only FRESH info is sufficiently silly for a rebel’s outstanding purposes.

And somewhere a man thinks:
All of this makes my brain sweat.

Just for their own private use, there are these two rebels who have this definition betwixt ‘em:

The Revolution:  Shock therapy for hormones.


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