As trains pass through tunnels, many passengers will cry out:
“Oh conductor – conductor, does it always get dark so soon here?’
(Choo-choo, ya’ll.)

And from the den, another “Death Defying Definition” – what ho, Alonzo:

Envy:  Hormones at their MOST pretentious.

As they walked to the market a kid asked the ole man:
“If everyone didn’t play along with the game of serious-acting people being accepted as ‘intelligent’ people, would anyone want to BE serious?”  (And the ole man smiled, and kept a’walkin.)

And another “picture-example” of how the mind usually operates, while at least hinting at additional possibilities:  At field-level, the game is defined by the two opposing teams engaged therein.  The action seems inseparable from the purpose – and in fact may be the purpose.  Someone from out-of-town, (so to speak), up in a sky seat, (so to speak), might, however, get a different take on the afternoon’s activities.

Even without the trappings of court – men remain toadies to themselves.


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