Secret Smart Creatures

At the most recent, “Secret Smart Creatures” Pan-Universal:

Laugh your ass off at the unintentional human humor competition.  The winner was:  People who are interested in the mind who pursue their interest by reading books about the mind.

The few earthy psychologists and the couple of mystics who happened to hear of this did not find anything therein to laugh about.  (Guess the next thing will be the awarding of prizes to people who want to achieve freedom, who think about freedom.)

A man writes:  “I really enjoy it when you push my thinking forcefully in one direction and then later push in the opposite.  P.S.  You do realize that I am being sarcastic, right?!  Sincerely,” etc.

Has anyone yet to notice that while the mind can easily find absurdity-in and laugh-at everything from god to death, that there is one area about which it has no sense of humor or sense of the absurd: itself?  (Do you find that interesting?!)

Whenever he’d be asked about his feeling on a certain matter, this one man would always reply:  “Oh, I leave all such things as, ‘opinion, preferences and beliefs’ to my glands.  You’ll have to ask them about that; they make all such decisions for me.”

What if behind the various “duality scenarios” I have conjured, (a man and his dog; the ventriloquist and the dummy; the voice in the head; and the awareness of the voice), what if the actual support for such metaphors is the relationship between the mind and the endocrine system?  I sometimes wonder if in my trying to convey what it is that I am “trying to convey,” and in trying to make it listenable, I have set up a situation not unlike expecting a fly to “swat itself?!”


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