Try-to-Do What You Gotta Do

One day one man so pondered:  “To ‘be awake’ amounts to, ‘mentally-standing-still-in-traffic.’”  He then further reflected and asked himself:  “Is this a good thing?”  He instantly realized that he would never be able to answer the question to his own satisfaction, and simultaneously understood that he would never stop striving to awaken, no matter how many different ways he could make it sound verbally foolish.

A man not satisfied with his consciousness will try to do what he has to “try to do” –
no matter what!

There is no such animal
 as a retired or reformed mystic –
if he was a real one to start with.

Amateur Mystics and Scientists are all the time going on about: “This or that may be true, regarding the mind and its influence on man, but nevertheless I’m here to say – you must be dogmatic to ever understand the matics of dogs.”


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