An Endocrine Order

What if “Wanting to Awaken,” is a reflection of the pituitary gland’s desire to take charge of the few operations of the endocrine system not presently under its control?

If there was validity to this model, much needed light would then be shed on explaining the ancient school for enlightenment that went by the name: “The Grand & Secret Order Of The Pea Sized Thing In Our Brains.”  (Not to be confused with a different, near-by community dedicated to being and staying “asleep,” who identified themselves with the term: “Our Pituitary Acts Contrary.”)

A man mused over this:  “Is it about half possible that more than half the non-specific, general bitchin’ I do is me unknowingly commenting on my hormonal condition?  Since I’m always thinking about and picturing something when I’m complaining, I guess, I always assumed it was coming from my mind.  But I can see it as damn sure originating someplace else.  Always thought I was “mentally pissed,” but it sure could be just my nervous system’s verbal reaction to silent hormonal conditions.  Hmmm, now I’ll never be able to say, ‘Ah, shit!’ without thinking about my testes or pancreas.”

This just in:  “When you first brought up the subject of the endocrine system and the impact of hormones on every aspect of our lives, I thought you were speaking entirely metaphorically, but now you’re making me nervous and I’m beginning to wonder if that’s so?”

And in response to the previous; (it’s good that you contacted me about this):
Nervousness can be caused by a malfunctioning thyroid gland.


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