Mostly My Glands

How often do those who think of themselves as unusually intelligent, reflect on the fact that had their endocrine system been short a few grains of iodine, they would be clinically classifiable as idiots?!

Some men declare:  “My mother’s love made me what I am today.”  While others will say:  “All that I am, I owe to the discipline of my father.”  Some even proclaim:  “My faith in God made me as you see me now.”  But one man, surely somewhere, surely sometime, said:  “It is mostly my glands, and their most delicate balance, that is mostly responsible for what I am – including my proclivity to engage in reflection such as this.”

While the lack of embracing any particular idea in the nervous system’s consciousness will do you no actual harm, the lack of proper thyroid functioning can spell the difference between intelligence and mental handicap.

Although hormones do not have a cerebral cortex through which to audibly proclaim their presence and profess their power, they make it continually known, throughout the body to singular effect on how we feel, and physically enjoy life.

The more that a man is bound up in thought, the greater to him seems the significance of the mind.  But let such a man, through an act of will, bring his noisy inner world to a momentary stop; then amidst the unnatural silence, let him attune his ear and hear a non-verbal side of him say:  “Hey, who’s your real Daddy?!”


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