More “What If”

What if the “sensation-of-duality,” that is the basis of both ordinary consciousness and the condition mystics call “being asleep,” is, in fact, a reflection arising from the dual activities of the nervous and endocrine systems?!

What if hormones provide the brain with inner-sourced stimuli, just as the physical world provides it with externally based stimuli?! 

What if, when nothing of significance is happening in the physical surroundings, the mind “daydreams,” and the day dreams arise from hormonal stimuli driving consciousness when no external stimuli is of sufficient interest?!

A man about to plunge over Niagra Falls in a crock pot is not asleep at that moment.  His endocrine system is working all out, at the maximally alert level, and it is doing so in reaction to significant external circumstances, and not to its own unfocused, internal musings.


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