Everything is Contagious

Yet one more way to look at the difference between ordinary people, and those longing for the freedom of what enlightenment is:  Everyone has consciousness, but only people like us, take it personally, “seriously.”  Everyone has thoughts, but only such as we, get all caught up in the questions of:  How do they come about? 

Oh yeah, and the ordinary believe that they have a naturally occurring “individual self.” While the enlightened, thanks to their having taken the matters of consciousness and thought “seriously,” are no longer so distracted and mistaken.

Proverb Update:

“Give a man a fish and he’ll eat today,
but teach him how to fish and he’ll eat tomorrow –
slap him upside the head with a fish and maybe he’ll wake up.” 
(This may shed some light on an ancient school,
the origins of whose name has long been a puzzle: “The Mystic Order of Mullets.”)

One father gave these guidelines to his son:  “Never look in mirrors; Never listen to anyone else’s talk; Never talk to yourself, think-about, discuss, mull-over, ponder, reflect-on the matter of ‘enlightenment’ for twenty years – then don’t…did I mention, look in mirrors?”

Health Info:

In the secondary realm, everything is contagious.


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