Pin the Tail

When he first heard reference to the Army division known as ‘The Airborne,” one man thought, “I’ll enroll my mind.”

In a seeming shift in position, this one man, whenever his dog would run off out of the yard to play, would say, “Ahh – free again from the Pharoah’s bondage!”  (Has anyone discovered that the ventriloquist can walk off stage without turning the dummy into a complete dummy?!)

Asking people to listen to what I presently attempt to talk about, is like asking them to stand in front of a mirror, and try to pin a tail on the reflection of a donkey.

One man says, “’Waking-up’ itself is no longer my real problem, stabilizing it is.”  (I’ve got-the-picture – I just can’t get the print to stay fixed.”)

Now for today’s news wrap-up: 

There was once a man who had a drug dependency…which he finally learned to break…but, he still frequently returns to it under the guise of reviewing the method he’s used to break it.  (Now that’s either a Davis Cup News Item or a Super Bowl Smith & Wesson.)


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