The Stuffing in the Mattress

A certain group, (with our kind of turn-of-mind), one day mused:

“It would seem that a proper reply to a xenophobe, who said to a foreigner, “Why don’t you go back to where you came from; you’re not welcome here,” would be for the one assaulted to say, “You would be welcome in my country.” 
If you consider it a bit further, and you realize that the response lacks any meaningful substance, the xenophobe could then respond by saying, “Hell, I don’t care if I’d be welcome in your country or not, ‘cause I don’t want to go there – and apparently you don’t like it enough to stay there yourself.”  (While the foreigner’s original response that I proposed, and which at first seemed fitting and irrefutable, upon further reflection crumbles.)

One man thought about this same scene, regarding how one part of some people’s brain/mind, believes other parts of it are asleep, deluded and all-in-all “unwelcome intruders.”

Chauvinism, for the ideas you hear uttered in your head, is the stuffing in the mattress upon which men so comfortably sleep.

At the end of a TV show, when the message appeared, “This program was pre-recorded,” one man thought:  “Hell, my life was pre-recorded.”


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