The Evil Elvis

Another man, whenever his dummy – I mean voice – no, I mean, dog – leaves his yard, throws up his hands in glee and cries out:  “Praise be, the Evil Elvis has left the building, and at last – I’m alone!”

Another Proverb Update:  “Old metaphors never die, they just get re-dressed.”

Proverb Update, Updated:  “Old metaphors never die, because their birth was an invented illusion to begin with.” 
(Or, as my dear old uncle Fluttermyer loves to say:  “The universe itself may be blown all to hell, but by god, it looks like the secondary world will be with us always…dammit to hell!”)

Latest Undiscovered Scientific Finding:

Many explanations of consciousness explain a little…
but not enough to actually explain anything.

Two Things Regarding The Matter Of What Is Possible:

Anything is possible if you don’t realize how the mind works, and how stud you are: but anything is also possible if you do understand how the mind works.

A proposed title of one man’s new book:
“The Goings-On in the Brain That No One Takes Time To Take Note Of.” 

(He has a half-brother who has his own manuscript he’s trying to peddle with the working title:  “The Significance of Consciousness Is Way Overblown.”)


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